The MANA trip
Some things in America
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  • Good Morning, Captain. I love you dear friends that know this. Thanks @darkymcspinkle for finding this show for me.

    Portland is filled with epic adventure mobiles like this. It really makes me want a vehicle.

    Bike trip 2.0 is over. I ran out of dough and the housing, money, and school stress started tarnishing the vibes. This has been the hardest summer of my life and I want to thank any and everyone who supported how this all turned out. I guess no adventure should really ever go as planned. I would have liked going further but that simply didn’t happen (thankfully not due to physical hardships). I’ve learned so much about myself and my capabilities and I’m proud of what I got to experience on my first attempt. Time to settle in and prepare for the intelligence to flow into me. Love ya wildcats.

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